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There will be no Yoga at the Clearing Studio for the remainder of Sept. The delta virus has not plateaued yet and many people are gone or preparing for fall. Scroll below to see Fall Schedule. Classes start again on Oct 5 !  Text me beforehand which ones you are coming to.  Namaste

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There will be no class on Thurs 9/9, Tuesday 9/14, and Thurs 9/16 (fire drills). The numbers in Bemidji keep rising for Covid so I feel its wise to take a pause.  I will update again regarding 9/21 and 9/23.      ** Those of you coming for R & R with Sudha,  that is still on outside at my place,  Stump Lake!  

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The month of September will be over before we know it.  Everyone is busy finishing off summer things and getting ready for the season change. I will continue to offer classes on these days throughout the month of September :

Tuesdays 9:30  All Level

Thursdays 9:30 and 11:00 All Level

NO CLASSES  Thurs 9/16: fire alarm check all day in building.                                       Tues 9/28 and Thurs 9/30: I'm gone

October I have changed things up: 

Tuesdays NEW 3:30 Gentle Yoga and 5:30 All Level /Come after Work

Thursdays 9:30 and 11:00 All Level  

Because of small class sizes I am able to guide beginners and seasoned yogis together. My intention is to continue creating Sangha, a community that yokes mind, body, and spirit together. Its a safe haven during this turbulent time and it brings me such joy to teach in an intimate setting and share good energy.  

All classes are donation based:  $10 reccomended 

We are still dancing around the reality of CoVid so I ask the following:

Let me know when you are coming or will be gone, its kind of a pain but you don't have to register or pre-pay. Texting works great. I will teill you if the class is full which is 8 bodies including mine. We are  socially distanced and you must be vaccinated. Bring your own props (although I do have some if you forget them.)  All of the above allows us to practice without masks, if I come near you I pull mine up. 

I continue to be on board as a True North Health Care collabortor. We haven't offered anything in The Clearing Studio together (yet!) because of the virus. Staying safe is the top priority. Today I am  grateful that I am able to teach yoga live. Please contact me with any questions you have about classes or Guest Teaching.  I am beginning to venture out a little bit locally.  

I wish you today Satchidananda! Truth, Consciousness, Bliss. Be Well

Ambi-Karen JAI


















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And please laugh at all the typos etc. And I kid you not I proof read the post a couple times.  Electronics and Me will remain a life long challenge, I'm finding humor in it at last, Scroll down

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Small groups gather at The Clearing:

Tuesday: 9:30 - 10:45  Higher Level asanas & pranayama 

             11:00 - 12:15   Beginner/Moderate Level asanas &                                                        pranayama        

Thursday Same As Above

Summer Classes have been laid back with vqried attendence;  sometimes there are 3 in the room and occasionally there is a full class of 7 (8 is max) Its bee easy breezy too, If you cant make it to one class you can go to another (unless your a brand new beginner.) I just need to know ahead of time (text is best.) The pool of people coming  and going is growing so if you are interested in Kripalu Yoga please contact me, it's for all bodies and ages.  

We remain socially distanced during practice and all students are vaccinated. Bring your mask as we may be putting them on again for protection from variants of Covid 19.  I always have some available too. 

I enjoy teaching yoga so in The Clearing Studio so much. I am able to guide with more precision and I have better awareness of each person in a small group setting. I'm also weaving in yogic anatomy, philosophy, and a gizzillion things I've learned over the years as students are so receptive! Plus being able to assist and put my hands on someone again is so wonderful ( eg: giving a back press in childs pose.) I grow with my students, when they expand and become more  in touch with their creative life force so do I. Its kind of magical......

True North Collaborators are just starting to meet again and I am one of them. Its exciting to step into the unknown and share our collective talents, and talk about what we can offer you!

YOGINNI WOMENS Week-end Retreat is Sept 17,18,19 in my yard on Stump Lake. It will be for my students only and will once again feature Sudha Lundeen, Kripalu Legacy Teacher, a world class wonder and my dear, dear friend.  Cost is pending but I'm keeping it low ( you go home, bring food to share, etc.). All proceeds go to her, its a long way back to New England.  Let me know asap if your'e in!  

In the meantime

Om....OM...OM let the unstuck sound of the universe remove obstacles that block the path to uniting your mind, body, and spirit.   

Ambika-ren,   Namste


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