Yoga Teacher Certification

  •  200 Hr. Basic Level Kripalu Yoga Teacher Certification, all requirements met, March 2004.
  •  500 Hr. Professional Level Yoga Teacher Certification, all requirements met, January 2007.
  • 1000 Hr. Advanced Level Teacher Training, currently accumulating credits. 
  • Kripalu Core Assistant: Guided by Legacy Teachers I have taught hundreds of students in YTTs & at Yoga Tracher Conferences   
SPECIALIZED COURSES Completed:  Teaching Methodology, Practicum for Asana, Pranayama & Meditation, Theoretical & Applied Yogic Philosophy, General & Applied Anatomy & Phisiology, Professional Ethics, Vinyasa Technique, Restorative Yoga, Basic Aryuveda, Yoga for Pregnancy, Conscious Communication, Energy Anatomy/Chakras, Yoga Nidra, Science of Yoga, Trauma Yoga (ongoing) The Jaguar Path & Intro Pranakriya Yoga.
KRIPALU YOGA MASTERS; My PRIMARY TEACHERS   * I was a Teacher Assistant ** I am Assistant

Vidya Carolyn Deluomo * Pioneer/Founder of Kripalu Yoga Center and International Yoga Teacher Trainings 
She carried and lived the message of Swami Kripalu that “love is the first lesson.”  As my MENTOR and "dear freind" she gave me Shaktipat, transmission of spiritual energy.  I am humbly committed to carrying on her legacy. R.I.P. Vid, 
Sudha Carolyn Lundeen ** RN, ERYT 1000, Holistic Health Nurse, Ayurvedic Health & Lifestyle Coach, Yoga Teacher Trainer
She is an Exceptional Teacher/MENTOR who models and guides her students in how to take care of their bodies, minds, and deep emotions using both ancient and modern healing techniques. I feel healed and whole being in her presence, We are forever Sisters.
Devarshi Steven Hartman * Pranotthan Yoga, former Dean Kripalu Yoga YTTs, Yoga Teacher Trainer 
He models living authentically and being in "lifes mess"  I cry hearing him teach the Gita, practicing yoga with him blisses me out,  I have a place in his heart and he'll always have a place in mine. 

Yoganand Michael Carroll, Pranakriya Yoga, former Dean Kripalu Yoga YTTs, Yoga Teacher Trainer
He was ordained in Kripalus renunciate order, practiced advanced yoga with Indian Gurus, and is an Interpreter of Esoteric texts and techniques. I recieved all my Pranayama trainings under his exqusite guidance.. Rescource; Pranayama (A. Gemmel LaFramboise)
NOTE: Sudha picked out the Sanskrit name I chose, Vidya and Devarshi “christened” me Ambika. It means “generous heart, mother, compassionate woman" & mango seed! I'm deeply honored for the talika I received from them. I go by AMBI

KRIPALU INSTRUCTORS CONT.: Rashmi Sue Jenkins, Megha Nancy Buttingham * Sudhir Jonathan Foust, Dr. Jeff  Migdow, Steven Cope,Rouban Maddikians, Lee Albert, Ray Christ, Jurian Hughes, Jovinna Chan *( Google my amazing Lil Sis)     

OTHER YOGA MASTERS:  Shiva Ray/ Vinyassa, Sean Corn*/ Vinyassa, Sharon Salzberg* & Krishna Das* /Kirtan & Meditation, Janice Clairfield/Pregnancy Yoga, Sheika Khadja/Whirling Drevish Dance, Dr. Sat Bir S. Khalsa/Science of Yoga, Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk/Trauma Yoga.  Jenn Turner/ Trauma Sensative yoga.  Swami Pajamayama!  PLUS  SHOUT OUT to Mpls Yoga Studios; Mpls Yoga Center Retreat. And recently ONE YOGA, Mpls, where I've returned to practice post covid. Google them!!

Other Education/Employment

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Psychology/Community Service. I held licensure in Pre-K and Parent Education. The following fields of work experience greatly influence how I teach Yoga: 
Program Director, providing supervisory care for the elderly, respite for care givers, grant management.
Lead Counselor, providing individual and group outpatient therapy for the chemically dependent and survivors of sexual and/or physical abuse. Continuing Education : Diagnostic Training, Intensive Training for Professionals Working with Trauma, Gestalt Techique, Aftercare Mgmt, Ethics, Grief Counseling, Compulsive Disorders, Co-Dependency, Cultural Diversity.  I also worked as an Independent Contractor on the Leech Lake Indian Reservation leading groups for high risk teens as part of a Chemical Dependency Prevention grant program.
Parent Educator, providing public school classes for families in a skilled team setting. 
HEALTH REALIZATION (HR) TRAINER:/Community Organizer 4 yrs 
Community Empowerment and  Resisency Parenting Coach at low income housing and in the greater Bemidji area. Teaching how thinking impacts all human psychological functioning, in groups, homes, and organized events. Goal: reducing separation and crime. Model : Training for Trainers, 1 yr course based on 3 Principals of Health Realization, Psychology of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought. Joe Bailey, M.A.,L.P., and Mavis Karn, M.A., L.S.W., Mpls.,Mn. In addition I trained with Dr.Jack Pransky Ph.D/ Deep Listening.
I instructed children in beginning ballet and creative movement and became an Artist in Residence in schools and theaters. Education: : Studio Dance, Modern Dance Troupe in college/Dance Caravans (Ozone/Zenon Dance, Mpls.)  I performed in productions at our local Professional Playhouse, my favorite role was Tormentor in JCSS. At Kripalu Center I was/am inspired by Megha Buttingham, Dan Levin, Jovinna Chan and Jurian Hughes. 
Sokuji Zendo began in Bemidji in 2002 and shortly after I began sitting with Rev. Shoshin Bob Kelly. He led our small Sangha and encouraged us to practice meditation at home. This is truly how I began to watch my thoughts without reaction, returning to my cushion over and over again and simply sitting. Zen compliments my yoga practice and enables me to become more selfless. I took my Jukai, formal initiation, into the Zen Buddhist way in 2004, acknowledging the sixteen bodhisattva precepts as an ongoing natural and true path, and I was named Gendo.  My Tecaher is special dear friend TaiJu, Geri Wilimek.  R.I.P. dear Shoshin.

Yoga Teaching Experience/Freelance

WAREHOUSE STUDIO Bemidji: 2 yrs 
I owned a small space until I outgrew it. I taught All Level Classes (beginning/gentle, moderate, advanced/vigorous) and Specialty Classes; e.g. Mom/daughter, Yoga for Dancers, Teen Yoga, Posture Training. 
YOGA BEMIDJI “Skylight Studio”: 10 yrs full-time 
5 weekly All Level Classes and Work-shops; In 2011, I became a certified Yoga Teacher Trainer and led one 200 hr YTT with some of my students.  We formed Yoga Bemidji, a network of local teachers committed to spreading their love of Yoga.
Bemidji Community Ed./ Leech Lake Tribal College Community Ed: 10 yrs
All Level Classes and Speciality Classes; e.g. Yoga for Pregnancy, Yoga for Depression, Mens Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Family Yoga. 
Short & Long Term GUEST TEACHING,  Examples of Experience:
Yoga Studios, Bodywork & Massage Centers, Wilderness Retreat Center, Massage Therapy Students, University Nursing Faculty, Nursing Students, Hazelton CD Recovery Program, Diabetes Prevention Programs. Reservation, Charter, and Home Schools. Reservation Wellness Programs, Assisted Living. Also Ballerinas, Competitive Nordic skiiers, Bridesmaids, Health Inspectors, & Staff at my bank and clinic!! I also reach out to the Homeless. 
Classes and/or Workshops. I have taught at large venues and little ones. I assist with Yoga Rereats led by Sudha Carolyn Lundeen ERYT1000 in Mass., Bemidji, & Ely, Mn., Covid put the brakes on Guest Teaching in Mpls but I am wanting to do so in 2023.
Designed for: Beginners - Advanced Level students.  I have taught  people living with chronic stress, trauma, addiction, depression, Parkinson's Disease, Lyme Disease, cancer, blindness, physical disabilities. 
I made a requested CD for my students. It was recorded in my then home studio on the Mississippi River, sound was spontaneously composed by muse-ician Caleb Fricke (Uncle Surely) on my childhood piano. We had 100 copies made and it was kind of a hit!   Now there are tons of yoga classes online. Not me!!
I am a registered member of Yoga Alliance and Kripalu Yoga and Ayurvedic Association.. I am fully INSURED  through Alliant. 
I have been featured in Kripalu Catalog Photographs and Advertisements. One landed in Yoga Journal where my pose was kind of out of alignment. Proper alignment is physically and metaphorically a lifelong process!
Karen Filardo: 218-760-9642 (YOGA)
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