About Me


I've been a lot of things (several of which I still am) - They've all helped define me:

Wife, Mom, Grandma, BFF, Hippie, Health Nut, Scandinavian, First Born, Advocate, Daughter, Granddaughter, Big Sister, Cousin, Niece, Favorite Aunt, Techophobe, Cat Lover, Dancer, Gardener, Psych. Major, Nordic Skier, Politics Junkie, Artist, Teen Model Drop Out, Neatnick, Counselor, Buddhist, Marathon Runner, Parent Educator, Minnesotan, Human Service Worker, Traveler, Theatre Buff, Free Spirit, Comedian... I think I'm pretty funny.


When I was nineteen, I was given The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga by Swami Vishnudivananda. I studied the pictures, but the content was way over my head! A few years later I began taking Hatha Yoga classes in my hometown of Minneapolis and learned some of the breathing practices shown in the book and simple poses, all done on the floor. One thing I’ll always remember was the felt sense of prana or vital energy that infused my body during and after practice. I felt lighter, happier, and more aware. So I continued exploring yoga over the years as opportunities presented themselves; for credit in college, in dance, in Community Ed. classes, at gyms, in back yards, and at home guided by books, videos, and public TV. Sometimes I incorporated yogic techniques into the recovery groups I led, dance classes I taught, and into my own wild ride of a life. I really enjoyed doing yoga but I had no steady teachers or practice. Then around the turn of the century a studio opened in my community and I immersed myself into Astanga practice. 

Yoga was raging in the country and I got hooked. I walked into studios wherever I traveled and explored different styles, plus I bought an array of CDs and books including Quest for the True Self by Steven Cope, Scholar at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. I was deeply drawn to Kripalu Yoga methodology and its holistic inquiry based approach. It addressed not only my passion for movement and healing but also my love of connecting with people and teaching. 

As I approached my 50th year of life, I made the quest to The Kripalu Center in Lenox, Mass. and became a Certified Instructor. It took me 30 years to get there, but I finally landed home in a lineage that not only resonated deeply with my heart but also called me to teach intuitively from it, weaving in my professional and personal experiences and insights. I went on to teach Yoga full time, continued advanced studies, and became a Core Assistant for Kripalu Legacy Instructors, and a Guest Teacher locally, regionally, and beyond. 

I am known as a Transformational Teacher, creating safe practice space in diverse settings and with diverse groups of people. My teaching and personal practice has taken me all over the place (physically, mentally, and emotionally!) But no matter where I am, I love what I do. Showing people how to let go and Be fully in their bodies; connecting movement with breath, practicing non-judgmental observation, and opening up new channels in both the body and the mind. I am dedicated to what integrates my own life and I teach passionately from my ongoing life story. 

Yoga in the west is a cross pollination of multiple disciplines and all have amazing benefits. For me, I live Kripalu Yoga; rooted in compassion, heart centered, and empowered by self-awareness. The foundation has supported me through soul rocking dark times and allows me time and again to come out on the other side;

DANCING IN THE LIGHT! "Fully Present, Fully Alive" 

Jai Bhagwan! I bow to you!
Karen Filardo: 218-760-9642 (YOGA)
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