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New Beginnings for 2021 can be simple. Stay safe, remain patient as we wait to get vaccinated, and ride the waves of Covid fatigue.  Changing up your Yoga Practice might help you ride the waves. I wish I could be teaching in The Clearing Studio and expanding our sangha but it will remain closed until further notice. And the videos I was making are also on hold. But here are a few ideas that change up and charge up my own practice:

ZOOM in with our great local teachers or other teachers around the country. Mpls Yoga Center Retreat is where I'm resuming practice. I was there scheduling a meeting for Guest Teaching on the day that Mpls shut down but they have stayed open and like many other training centers deserve a big shout out!  Also Kripalu Connect has great online videos that can be reasonably purchased.

Postures outside?! Minnesota is having a mild winter so I'm practicing in my mucklucks, have held tree pose in the trees, and Goddess with snowshoes on.  No acreage is needed if you have a yard or are in the park. And you can do this with friends!

More pranayama.  How about learning or adding new breathing  techniques, using them with poses, or committing to daily practice of one or two that calm your CNS like alternate nostril breathing.

Share yoga!  You don't have to be a Yoga Teacher, maybe those you are sheltered in with might be open to try some breathing and stretching. 

Read! There are so many great books on every aspect of Yoga,  ancient texts as well as current authors. I'm recommending Pranayama  by my friend/collegue Allison Gemmel Laframboise on the work of Yoganand Michael Caroll. 

Order some new yoga pants!??  I got some as a gift. I have ols worn out ones (very comfy) but the new ones inspire me because they fit right and are cool looking!  The same thing can be said about music, I found new tunes that put either put me in the flow mood as well as help me sink deeper in relaxation poses.

Connecting your mind, body, and emotions is Yoga. Being in your body & noticing sensations without pushing them away is Kripalu Yoga. This Kripalu Yoginni wanted to push them all away in 2020 as daily living became more and more surreal ! But my practice is always there for me and it is my heartfelt wish that it is there for you too. ANY time you want or need to have a conversation about your practice DO get ahold of me. And continue to check this blog page for notification of when we can meet again live. 

Om Shante Peace, Ambi-karen JAI  



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Every week I've been speaking about the possibility of putting classes on hold and the time has come to do so. Governor Waltz has requested that we all Pause for the next 2-4 weeks to halt the further spread of the virus. I cancelled Thur. Nov 19 class and will not teach again until it is clear to do so (Governor says Dec 18.) But stay tumed to this blog! If it is safe to return to The Clearing sooner you will be the first to know!  I have put the brakes on videos but if by some miracle I warm up to Zoom I'll let you know that too. Feel free to call me my Dear Sangha, and others that want to chat about Yoga. 

I'm spending quality time on the mat, take this time to deepen your practice.  Find gratitude and above all Be Well.  Peace, Ambi K!

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I am happy to announce that I've added a yoga class on Tuesdays and the schedule for the remainder of the month is;

TUESDAYS:  4:00 - 5:10 (70 min) Gentle/Moderate Level 

                     5:30 - 6:45 (75 min) Seasoned Kripalu Practioners

THURSDAYS: 11:00 - 12 :10 All Levels 

                   ** Adding a 12:30 class is an option as well, stay tuned

NOTE;  I have mapped out the floor and want to have less people in the room (covid) adding classes for even better safety makes sense in addtion to offering different practice levels. "Seasoned Practioners" are those that have been practicing  Kripalu Yoga (or another tradition) for quite some time. Also I may start classes earlier on Tuesdays once it get really cold.  Prices remain the same. Scroll below to see my other entry from this month.  BE WELL, contact me with any questions!  Namaste  

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 YOGA at The Clearing;

Classes are being held Tues @ 5:30 and Thurs @ 11:00 am. $10 walk in, $15 for both if you come twice a week. Six bodies max, masked and distanced. Bring your own mat and props. We have develped a Sangha so "regulars" are coming but I will add another class depending on need (eg before or after the ones I'm now teaching.)  Please notify me ahead if you are interested in classes, have any questions, and most importantly lmk if you will NOT be coming so others on my short list can. 

I am going with the flow of need in our commnity. Creating safe space for people struggling with isloation. I have unfortunatly not been able to complete my videos, the virus is on the move and live taping can wait. ** check out Kripalu Commect, they have a variety of great videos you can reasonably purchase.

Also I have studio space available to use for small private or individual classes. I will slide cost and will take donations as well. These are Trying Times and my intention is to serve first. NOTE; all my protfit is going to True North Health Care, a jewel in Bemidji. Dr. Pittman keeps me informed on "the spread." I deeply honor her and Dr Salters hard work. I bow to all health care workers.

Hopefully I will have an email list updated soon and I can reach out to you,  the intention is to guide interested people to this blog. I really don't know what i'm doing as I navigate through the current insanity and yet I know exactly what I'm doing when I get on the mat; allowing PRANA to guide me, and PRANA guide you 

OM SHANTE PEACE  Ambi or Karen RUTH (proud to have her name) 









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I'm happy to report that yoga at The Clearing has going really well and I will continue to offer All Level classes;

TUESDAY: 5:30  and THURSDAY: 11:00 (new time beginning 10/8)  $10.  Bring your own mat and props. 

Classes are limited to six people max, properly distanced and masked. I need to know if you are coming (or not coming) ahead of time as space is limited. Boomers dominate but again I wont card you!

I will stick to teaching on these days but will add more classes if need be. We have develped a Sanga that is pretty special and intimate in the midst of this crazy time. True North staff make it possible to meet safely, the environment is super clean and the Doctor(s) are well informed on covid 19 in our area. 

Launching videos is still a work in process, my video guy lives in Fargo and we'll continue taping this month. 

Please contact me with any questions!  I'm open to meeting your needs including private sessions etc.  And ENJOY the fall weather, the sun when its beaming, the stars when they are glittering. Our air is clear, take it in, and send love to those who are stuggling in the west with fires.    PEACE........Shante Om, Ambi or Karen RUTH!!  



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