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Hello! Please Note: I have moved the Tuesday late afternoon classes back to late morning. If there is enough interest after the first of the year I'll revisit offering a later class again. The season of darkness is upon us and people are going inward as well as staying inside !

DECEMBER SCHEDULE :  for 7 people max in each group

Tuesday 10:30 - 11:45   All Level Kripalu Yoga Text me & reserve spot

Thursday 10:30 - 11:45  All Level Kripalu Yoga Text me & reserve spot

Ideally it would be helpful to know if you're coming the day/night before. And in the event either class gets too big I'll create 2 classes. The groups are small in numbers so I am able to guide all levels of ability.  * If your body has special challenges (mine does) please let me know in class or call me.  Modifications are important for safety and because they feel better. 

Bring your own blanket, props, & dress in layers.  Bring a mask & set your mat up so you're socially distanced.  Cost is $10 donation.

I am not advertising but word of mouth referral is great while the sangha continues to slowly grow. The Clearing is street side, True North clinic is behind, near the Watermark parking lot. Dont park there  even though its huge, youll get towed! Be prepared to walk right into the studio when you come.  Its a lovely space and there are cubbies and hooks for coats and boots right next to the door.  

I love teaching, practicing, and living Yoga with you.  I thank you deeply for coming to class and connecting with other precious souls.

JAI BHAGWAN!  PEACE and LOVE,   Ambi-Ka (ren). 


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Yoga at The Clearing will resume live on 11/16!  

Tuesday:    3:30 Gentle Yoga, soothing, stabilizing, w/ deep releases.

                   5:30  All Level Kripalu Yoga (as described in this website)

Thursday:  10:30 All Level Yoga.  Breathe, relax, feel, watch, allow.

Classes will be seven people max, so its important that you secure your spot each week. Texting me at 218-760-9642 works best.  We will remain 6 feet apart and masks should be worn. Week by week I will get current updates from True North on the virus. Taking safety precautions will ensure that we can continue to meet live.  

I am re-opening the doors of The Clearing so we can practice Yoga together, share energy, and continue to grow our Sangha. It feels like such a gift that I can be your guide. 

Cost: $10 Donation

Thank you for checking my blog page, it will keep you updated.   I hope to see you soon!!   Ambi-Karen  





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Hi Friends. I am hoping that yoga classes at The Clearing will start up again on November 16. Unfortunately our hospital beds are still full, medical staff at True North are still diagnosing Covid/ Delta Varient.  I sincerely hope our community & beyond will start to take this virus seriously.  The majority of people do not get seriously ill, but those of us with compromised immune systems are forced to keep humkering down. I am beyond grateful that I can do so in the lovely woods.  Thank you for your patience,  I know you understand and care deeply about others. 

Shante Aum,  Ambi K

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There will be no classes again for the weeks of the 11th and the 18th. The  Delta Varient is still  "real and fierce locally " according to the True North Physicians. So stay protected, enjoy the fall weather, and continue to check in with my blog page.  We will meet again in small groups when its safe to do so.  I miss you all!  Ambi-karen  

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I am continuing to pause classes due to the delta variant. I'll go week by week, stay tuned. Stay safe. 

Karen Filardo: 218-760-9642 (YOGA)
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