Saturday, January 1, 2022, 23:51

January Ambi Yoga       $10 Donation Classes 

TUESDAY and THURSDAY : 10:30  - 11:45 for All Levels of Ability

NOTE; NO class on Thurs 1/6 and Thurs 1/20, I'm gone.    

* All Level Variations of asana will be given orally & demonstrated by me. I'm not giving personal assists,  it just doesn't work from 6 ft away! 

YOU MUST RESERVE YOUR SPOT:  text me in advance if you ARE coming, or NOT coming if you are a weekly regular.  I currently have a pool of a dozen people coming ( without  advertising.)  Max number in studio is 7, 8 including me.  Do let me know if you are interested in attending classes. Not everyone comes both days.  

I will Not be adding an early evening All Level class or an Adaptive yoga class anytime soon due to Omnicron.  We are coming to class  on a week by week basis. We are grateful to be in sangha, wearing  masks, staying 6 ft + apart, and bringing props, blankets, warm socks!

I have no profound words of wisdom or big intentions to share with you for the year 2022 . What works for me is to living in the moment, contingent upon; having a steady personal practice. Mine includes "conducting experiments on myself. " Swami Kripalu.  He did so and reached higher levels of consciousness & profound insights, but he was a Swami. I like you am a House Holder. I am Free to experiment and Play with breath, physical movement, sensations, meditation, awakening prana. All leading to positive change and transformation.  Yes, even during the most challenging times!  Therefore I send Metta to US  

May we be Happy, May we be healthy, May we prosper in every way, and May all Sentient Beings be FREE.  Peace, Ambi-Karen!  






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