Saturday, May 29, 2021, 12:51

The Clearing Studio Classes :


  9:30  Advanced Level ( you have knowledege and practice of asana                                        & pranayama)

11:00  Beginner/Moderaate Level ( learning and practicing the                                                                       above)  

I wlll help you select a class. There are no walk ins and your spot needs to be reserved. I am able to accomodate 8 bodies now in the studio space / still 6 ft apart.  You must be vaccinated and a mask is your option.  I suggest you bring your own props.

Cost;: $10 DONATION. I do not keep track! Offer what you can. 

Our Sangha is growing and at its core is a welcoming, compassionate, light hearted, Depth experience....aaaah Kripalu Yoga. I am called and am greatly honored to serve in this time of slow recovery from Covid.   As always contact me with any and all questions.

PS. After retruning from the Southwest I am motivated by the energy  around our nation of those that are AWAKE!!  Bowing to warriors on the front lines of covid, climate change, pipelines, The Big LIe, and Social Justice / BLM.   Shante Om!




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