Thursday, April 1, 2021, 13:55

I am so happy to be able to teach YOGA this spring in the beautiful Clearing Studio LIVE!! The Spring Schedule will begin April 6.

Tuedays and Thursday classes:

9:30 - 10:45       Moderate / Advanced Level 

11:00 - 12:15     Beginning / Moderate Level

You are responsible for letting me know weekly if you will or will not be coming since spaces are limited.  I will be gone the first week of May but you will be given a reminder.

Note: Advanced class means that you have a practice and knowledge of asana and pranayama. In the other class I will focus more on technical instruction of postures and breathing exercises. I will reccomend which class is a fit for you.  I read the room whenever I teach and let prana and experience guide me, and your amazing bodies and energy drive me.

5 students (vaccinated) will be allowed in each class or 6  max if you breathe the same air and can be placed closer than 6 ft apart. Bring your own mat and props and we will continue to wear masks. 

COST: $10 donation per class.  I do not check whats given, so if you cant afford it do not worry. Put in what you can. I remain motiviated to help "yoke" your body, mind, and emotions as we continue to deal with the virus.

I am available for PRIVATE session(s) as well and detemine cost based on need. 

The weather to me feels weird. We are still navigating throuh Covid 19. My hometown of Mpls is in the midst of the trial for George Floyd. Sometimes nothing feels "normal" whatever that is. I am in fight or flight much of the time but I know it and that really helps. My practice grounds me and it  helps me be less reactive and joyful.  May you feel grounded, joyful, and HOPEFUL that the new normal unites us all on a deeper level.

P.S.   IF YOU WANT TO LET YOUR YOGA DANCE CHECK OUT JURIANHUGHES.COM, my Kripalu collegue and friend that is rocking it online!!


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